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Tree Services

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Welcome to Kelowna Tree Care, where we specialize in tree pruning and shaping, stump grinding, tree removal and fertilization.  Contact us for tree planting, consultations and diagnoses.  It has been a pleasure to service Orchard City businesses and residents for over 35 years.  For expert tree pruning in Kelowna, we are the best in the business.  Your trees will never appear skeletal when you choose us.  There are several landscaping services in the area that offer tree care services.

Landscapers are generalists and typically don’t possess the specialized training required to care for trees.  If you desire a true master of the craft, enlist an arborist to care for your trees, big and small.

About Us

Tree Care Kelowna is comprised of certified tree huggers.  We enroll in continuing education classes annually, sponsored by the International Society of Arborists.  There isn’t a tree conundrum that we cannot remedy.  We pride ourselves in offering effective and affordable tree care services.  Our clients range for modest homeowners to resort operations managers, and everyone in between.  We are versed in working in rural and urban environments.  Although we opened this business in 1984, truthfully, we have always been passionate about trees.  Caring for them long before we knew what an arborist was.  Most people would say it was our calling to become tree whisperers.

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    Our Services

    In the wild, trees take care of themselves.  They have an elaborate network of friends and family in forest areas.  When a member of the same species is sick, the community rallies together to send it vital resources.  In landscaped urban areas, trees have to fend for themselves.  City kids, as we like to call them, require more resources and care.  Tree Care Kelowna is here to help.  We provide swift and efficient stump removal.  Our arborists offer expert tree pruning and shaping.  We safely remove trees that pose a danger to property and society.  Our team is versed in secure tree removal and fertilization.  Feel free to contact us for tree planting, consultations and diagnoses.

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    Using a crane to remove a tree in Vernon BC
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    Tree Pruning & Shaping

    For expert tree service in Kelowna, contact the best in B.C.  Kelowna tree service companies tend to be lacking in pruning and shaping.  On the contrary, we prune trees according to the season and their age.  We’ve all seen trees that were shaped and pruned within an inch of their life.  You don’t have to worry about that with us.  We recognize that certain species break the rules and must be maintenanced according to their unique characteristics.

    Stump Grinding

    Removing stubborn stumps and roots from the earth is an arduous process.  For expert stump removal in Kelowna, email Tree Care Kelowna.  Don’t spend your weekend digging up a stump that was in existence before you were even thought of.  You won’t win that battle.  Kelowna stump removal is particularly difficult given the compactness of our soil and the size of the trees in K-Town.  Tree stump removal doesn’t have to be tragic when you have Tree Care Kelowna on your side.

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    boom lift tree trimming in Vernon
    wood chipping being done in Kelowna BC

    Expert Tree Removal

    You could definitely hire a local landscaper or day laborer to remove trees from your property.  But to be on the safe side, it’s best to enlist an arborist in Kelowna.  If the tree is located near valuable property, too many things can go wrong.  We are familiar with various tree species and what is required to remove them.  A Kelowna arborist removes trees on a regular basis and is prepared for the best and the worst.

    Tree Fertilization

    In addition to tree removal in Kelowna, our arborists are also adept at tree fertilization.  Your initial call may be about Kelowna tree removal, but you will also discover that we also offer tree fertilization at an affordable price.  As professional arborists, determining the right type of fertilizer is a simple process.  We will provide you with a written analysis that you can keep on hand for future use.  To learn more about fertilization, contact us today.

    chain saw cutting a stump
    Log cutting in McKinley Landing British Columbia V1V 2B9
    Tree faller job done in East Kelowna

    Tree Planting

    One of the services we offer is transplanting trees in Kelowna.  Trees will provide much needed shade and help lower your heating and cooling bills.  As tree arborists, we promote decreasing your environmental footprint as much as possible.  Offset your carbon emissions by planting a few trees.  One tree provides enough oxygen for 2 adults.  If necessary, we can provide tree supports for veteran trees.  When saplings are planted correctly, support is not necessary

    Consultation & Diagnosis

    There may be things happening in your garden that you’re not sure of.  You suspect that there may be an insect infestation or dying tree, but you can’t quite put your finger on it.  This is where a tree consultation comes in handy.  We can help diagnose tree disease in Kelowna.  Our team can assist with many services including, soil analysis, shrub care and planting locations.  Shrubs are effected by many of the same issues that impact larger plants.  For professional Kelowna shrub care, contact us.

    “I was searching for a Kelowna tree trimming company.  I came across Tree Care Kelowna.  They had great reviews, so I gave them a try.  Now I understand why they are so highly rated.  My tree looks great and is healthy.  I feel safer knowing that my home won’t be impacted by wayward branches this winter.” – Kendra W.


    “I knew something was wrong with the tree in our backyard but I wasn’t sure.  Tree Care Kelowna told me that it had an infestation.  The arborist prescribed a black knot treatment for Kelowna trees.  I was so happy my tree survived.  It has been in our family for generations.” – Carla & Murdock H.

    “My grandmother had an old tree stump on the side of her front steps.  It was never an issue until she fell over it one day.  Tree Care Kelowna removed that old stump without demolishing the steps.  Now I feel more comfortable knowing that my grandmother can go and come safely.” Bill K.


    Contact Us Today

    Tree trimming in Kelowna is quite common.  Although we have to admit that it is generally incorrectly executed.  You may wonder why using the right tools and employing the correct technique is important.  Trees are living, breathing beings.  If cut incorrectly, they will not heal properly.  Their lifespan will be dramatically shortened as a result.  Tree insects in Kelowna are notorious.  They take the path of resistance – directly through an unhealed wound.  Whatever you do, don’t apply white paint over an open sore.  That is an antiquated technique that was never effective.  Contact Tree Care Kelowna for expert consultations, diagnoses and tree maintenance.