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About Us

We have been caring for Orchard City trees since 1984. Businesses and residents have come to rely on our expertise in terms of treating, planting and removing trees. When you want the very best for your environment, contact Tree Care Kelowna. K-Town is blessed to have an abundance of trees. Our air is clean and temperatures are moderate in the summer months, as a result. We are certified by the International Society of Arboriculture. That makes us official tree huggers. Our company has valid, comprehensive insurance. Just in case there are any mishaps, you are covered. We also have active WCB insurance for our workers. You will never have to concern yourself with accidents when you choose us.


Hiring an arborist is much different that enlisting a landscaper to care for your trees. Landscapers are generalists and they don’t possess the level of knowledge and expertise as arborists. An arborist spends a lifetime studying and caring for trees. Certification is not necessary, but to continue learning about the secret life of trees, it is necessary. We firmly believe that mastering one’s craft is necessary for professional development and growth. If you grew up in a rural area, there is a great deal that you already know. Just because you possess the knowledge, doesn’t mean you have the time. Skip the headache and enjoy your weekend. Contact Tree Care Kelowna for tree pruning and shaping, tree removal and fertilization, tree planting, consultations and diagnosis.

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