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Camping, yoga, and even picnics are no fun when everything gets wet. An air venting bed mat is the perfect solution to staying dry in almost any weather. HyperDrii’s advanced technology bedding uses the air you breathe to prevent you and your items from becoming soaked.

Is the ground damp?

The summer months can be hot, so hot that dirt turns to dust. You may even be able to find rock outcrops throughout the year that are dry but uncomfortable to rest on. However, much of the ground contains moisture.

Soil moisture resides within the top 10cm of the earth. Rain, snow flash floods, and many other natural phenomena drench this layer of earth.

Even if soil moisture is not a problem, dust and even heat can be. Rock bakes under the sun, releasing into the night.

Remaining Comfortable when Camping

With heat, water, and dust, it can seem difficult to remain comfortable under the stars. A venting bed mat is perfect for anyone looking to get a good night’s sleep.

These mats use special technology that insulates while avoiding trapping heat. HyperDrii mats use a marine quality waterproofing material as a base for our highly specialized bedding.

Vents allow air to circulate, preventing your body heat or the heat from the ground from creating discomfort. Our underlay venting solutions allow campers indoors and out to wake up rested and ready for another day on the trail or in the park.

Preventing Mold and Mildew in Camping Equipment

Air venting provides another significant benefit over other mattresses. Where other solutions trap moisture, venting lets your moisture evaporate.

This feature prevents dangerous mold and mildew. If you plan to be on the trail for a long time or are looking for equipment that is cleans with ease, venting bed mats work in your favor while improving the longevity of your ground roll.

Keeping Equipment Clean

Most camping gear requires a heavy round of bleach. HyperDrii air venting mats still need to be cleaned but it is much easier to keep your mattresses in working condition. A quick wipe down from time to time gets rid of dirt and ger, buildup.

Our product goes a step further than other mattresses on the market as well. We provide a complete anti-mould bed layer.

Venting Mats that Last

Having so much technology in a single venting mat may appear to reduce the longevity of your mattress or ground roll. You may think that the vents would crush.

Our mats withstand up to 800 pounds and come with a 20 year limited warranty. They are durable and resilient.

Air Venting Bed Mat

An air venting bed mat is the perfect solution for any camper, whether in an RV or on a backpacking trip. They keep you and your equipment dry without trapping heat.

HyperDrii mats are made to last. Our trade secret technology builds layer upon layer of functionality without adding too much complexity. Visit our website to find out where you can get a mat that is lightweight, durable, and functional.

Air Venting Bed Mat


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