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The cheapest moving services will cost you a lot. It is easier to lose valuable items, miss critical schedule timelines, and have commuting problems like a poor route choice. When considering a moving company, the first thing to do is to compile a list of questions to ask the prospective professionally trained Calgary movers.  

Questions to ask long haul movers in Calgary

What are the available services?

Movers are not created equal, and they will never offer the same services. An example is that the long haul mover is more familiar with the long transit roads, whereas a local moving company is only limited to the local neighborhood or city.

We are a long haul moving company and offer services that cater to the long distances. We can handle a tonne of paperwork and collaborate with many different transport networks to make sure your possessions are safe, and we meet all your moving timelines.

Do you have the proper papers?

Businesses and homeowners are vulnerable to falling for rogue movers who do not know the first thing about long-distance moving. Most of them never grow to pursue the proper papers and credentials, which means they never evolve to have the right skills for moving.

Ask the company whether they have the proper papers to get an idea of their moving abilities. Do not forget that the best Calgary movers will usually have professional affiliations, listings on sites like the Better Business Bureau, and membership into several commerce organizations.

How much will you charge me?

Moving homes or offices to a far destination can come with unpleasant surprises. A long-distance move comes with many different variants, and you should only choose a mover who can look through all details to give an accurate estimate. Getting an accurate moving estimate lets you know what conditions you can adjust, so you can get more affordable rates without compromising the move. Other things to look at when considering the moving fee include:

  • The binding estimate
  • All the extra potential fees
  • Payment options
  • Possibility of insurance
  • The rate of charging, such as hourly or project-based
  • Situations that could increase the overall cost of the move

How do you gauge your experience and expertise?

Moving electrical things, fragile property, and significant items requires art and skill. You want to make sure long-haul movers in Calgary know their education regarding moving everything in your home, and they will follow all safety policies to handle everything with impeccable care.

Asking about the company’s expertise and experience will give you a glimpse into how they transport your property, especially when you have complications like small doorways, multiple steps, narrow stairways, or live in a high-rise building, among many other things.

What if something breaks?

Most Calgary area movers will have insurance covers for the most fragile items, such as pianos and art. Some will not have this setup, but it is always better to ask how they will handle things to know whether to get your insurance plan.

2 Burley Men has a lot of experience in moving homes and offices and can guarantee to do their best with every client. Contact us online to book your consultation on our professional moving and relocation services.

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