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Retaining Walls Cincinnati

A yard or lawn that has elevation and pitch changes may benefit from having one or more retaining walls. For reliable retaining walls in Cincinnati, Allison Landscaping, Inc. is the ideal expert to handle the project. We specialize in installing retaining walls for all kinds of landscaping projects.

For several years, we have been recognized to offer excellent retaining wall installation services to clients in Cincinnati, OH, and nearby cities. Our retaining wall installations are done using quality materials. With this, the retaining walls can withstand the tests of time.

Whether you are looking to enhance your landscape or prevent erosion, our retaining walls in Cincinnati is perfect for you. We guarantee you quality services that give 100% client satisfaction.

What Is A Retaining Wall?

Simply put, a retaining wall is a structure designed or constructed to hold back soil, or its materials from crumbling, tipping over, or eroding away. They keep the soil that might otherwise collapse into an additional form.

The main characteristics of a retaining wall are to withstand the pressure exerted by the retained material, which is usually soil, to prevent erosion, and to provide decorative or functional landscape features.

Types of retaining walls include gravity retaining wall, cantilever, sheet piling, and anchored retaining walls.

What Are The Purpose Of Retaining Wall?

Below are some of the purpose of retaining walls:

Structural Support: Is your home located on a slope? You should have a retaining wall installed. It helps to keep the soil in place and to keep the ground from crumbling. For some homes, these retaining walls act as a necessary barrier to prevent the soil from sliding forward in a landslide.

Aesthetics Purpose: It is well known that retaining walls can be beautiful and inviting features that add to a homeowner’s enjoyment of their property. Have you ever passed by a house, and take a second look at its walls? You might even want to move closer for a feel! Retaining walls can prove to be bold and attractive structures for your home.

Increase the Value Of Your Property: Apart from being a protective structure, they are a beautiful addition to your home, and can actually add to the value of your property if they are installed in the right way. Curb appeal is most important when you are trying to sell your home, and the resale price of your home could increase tremendously if you have retaining walls installed.

Prevent Soil Erosion and Provide Flood Control: Retaining walls are also an effective soil and flood control measure. They are essential for every home, especially if your landscape does not support a lot of trees or shrubs to hold soil in place to prevent erosion. In the case of erosion, channels and drainage pipes can be integrated into retaining walls serving as a drainage system that properly collects water and directs it to the appropriate location

Need Reliable Retaining Walls in Cincinnati, OH? Contact Us Today!

Contact us today at Allison Landscaping, Inc. to know more about our services. Our experts will be available to speak with you and discuss the retaining wall options available to you. A fantastic experience awaits you.

Retaining Walls Cincinnati

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Retaining Walls Cincinnati

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