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One of the things that potential tenants look for in a property is well-maintained surroundings. As a building owner, you can fulfill this demand by making sure that your lawns and gardens are serviced frequently. However, this can be challenging since taking care of the landscape at a large property requires a lot of time, manpower, and resources.

This is why you should hire a reputable company for strata landscaping maintenance services in Coquitlam. Such a company has the expertise, tools, and products needed to keep your garden and lawn looking well-kept and appealing. At Terra Firma Lawn & Garden, we have been in this line of work for several years, and have learned how to provide the best landscape maintenance services that are customized to fit each property.

Our Landscaping Services

Does your lawn need mowing, weeding, or fertilizing? Our service packages address common issues with landscaping. From us, you’ll get these and many more services:

  • Tree Services

Trees can become a nuisance on a landscape if they’re allowed to have overgrown branches or host insects. Sometimes, a tree may become diseased. We can keep your trees looking beautiful by trimming excess branches, getting rid of the insects, and treating infectious diseases.

Removing some branches protects your property from damage in case of high winds, and contributes to the faster and healthy growth of trees.

  • Lawn Services

There’s so much more to lawn maintenance besides mowing, and you can get all the important services at Terra Firma Lawn & Garden. We carry out aeration, which entails making small holes in the ground to help grass roots breathe better. Our crew applies top dressing, which involves adding new soil to your lawn if the existing one is not healthy enough.

You’ll also find our garden and lawn irrigation systems to be quite effective. We make sure that your grass and flowers get enough water without overdoing it to prevents your lawn from drying up. Our scheduled irrigation is designed to conserve water, as we only use just enough to keep the plants healthy and vibrant.

  • Hardscaping

Besides caring for your flowers, grass, trees, and shrubs, we have services targeting landscape architecture such as walls, paths, fences, and decks. These are integral features of most landscapes nowadays, so we provide these services as well to make sure that you can get all your needs catered to by a single company.

  • Pest Control

Pests such as ticks, fleas, mites, and ants can invade your lawn, posing a health risk to your tenants. Some of these might cause allergic reactions, while others can spread infections to pets. We will eradicate these pests for you, and put measures to keep them away.

Get Satisfactory Services

We are located at 34A-2755 Lougheed Hwy Port Coquitlam, BC, Canada, and serve the Greater Vancouver and the Lower Mainland areas. Terra Firma Lawn & Garden is a top choice company for many property managers who need strata landscaping maintenance services in Coquitlam because we have established ourselves as a reliable service provider. Contact us today on 1-604-359-2924 for a free estimate.

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