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Tree Planting

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Tree planting is one of the many services offered at Tree Care Kelowna.  The human species has devoured our natural resources within a relatively short period of time.  We have cut down half of the earth’s trees.  This why tree planting is so vital.  We all know about photosynthesis but we rarely think about how it impacts our daily lives.  One tree provides enough oxygen for 2 adults.  Contact us to determine which trees will grow best in your pre-existing soil.  It’s imperative that we consider the amount of light an area receives before selecting the perfect tree for planting.

Optimal Tree Planting Times

If you want your trees to last several lifetimes, it is important that they are planted at the most optimal times.  September through November are the best times to plant trees.  The roots can grab hold before freezing water sets in.  When they are planted at this time, your trees will be better equipped to deal with heat, insects and drought.  Another benefit to planting at this time is that you can see the types of fall colors they produce.  The arborist may select the right tree based on the colors illustrated.  We have found that cool, wet weather is best for planting.

The Perfect Location

When you went house hunting, you took the time to find the perfect home.  You had a list of everything you needed in a house and a neighborhood.  A good school district, modern amenities, walkability and safety were factors your considered.  When choosing a location for a new tree, placement is important.  If the wrong location is selected, the tree may not survive.  Trees are the oldest organisms on our planet.  They are equipped to survive beyond our lifetimes.  If they are placed in the wrong location, they will not thrive.  Our arborists will test the soil, observe the amount of light an area receives and the amount of shade prior to planting.


Once the arborist has analyzed the soil, found the perfect location and planted your trees at the perfect height, it will be left up to you to hydrate the new tree.  The soil should be kept moist.  Too much water will drown it and allow rot to set in.  Too little water will starve it.  We recommend watering once a week when there is no rain.  In the hotter months, 3 to 4 times a week is optimal.  The species will help you determine how much hydration it actually requires.  If you’re too busy to water your new trees, contact us for routine maintenance.

Why We Do This

If you’re concerned with your environmental footprint, tree planting is a great way to ease your guilt.  Offset your carbon emissions from driving, taking planes and trains with avid tree planting.  Trees build up the soil and soak up storm water to prevent flooding.  They provide energy saving shade that helps to mitigate global warming.  Trees provide safe habitats for thousands of species.  Trees are particularly important in urban areas because they help to reduce ozone levels.  They reduce carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases from the air.  Trees cool the earth.  If you have ever lived on or driven down a treeless street, it’s easy to see how trees benefit the planet.

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