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In the construction of roads and highways the main element is the paving, because this will be the part of the road with which the user will have the first and most significant contact.

Independently of a good layout and signaling, paving is the presentation card of roads, bridges, avenues and streets, because depending on its quality the service of the construction company designated for such work will be judged.

From Dream Green Landscape, the Agoura Hills landscape services company, we want to tell you about our paving and asphalt service.

What is our paving and asphalt service about?

Paving consists of the placement of layers of materials on the ground or upper level of the dirt road, to which asphalt, slabs, stone, bricks, concrete, hydraulic concrete, to mention a few, will later be applied, which will be the bearing surface.

This material must be sufficiently resistant to support the weight of the traffic according to the use of the roadway: highways, freeways, urban or rural roads, residential or industrial areas.

Subsequently, it must withstand weathering, i.e., biological and weather variables.

This type of coating is mainly divided into rigid, semi-rigid and flexible.

For most of the roads in the United States, pavements are used and classified into flexible, semi-rigid and hydraulic concrete, due to the different materials that make up the natural terrain of our country.

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What are the types of pavements we use?

Flexible pavement: It has a layer of asphalt mix as its running surface.

Vehicle loads to the lower layers are distributed by means of the friction and cohesion characteristics of the particles of the materials, while the asphalt binder folds to small deformations of the lower layers without breaking its structure.

Semi-rigid pavement: The asphalt layer rests on an asphalt base or on a base stabilized with Portland cement. This material is a type of hydraulic cement composed mainly of clinker – a mixture of limestone and clay – plus gypsum.

Rigid pavement: It has a concrete slab supported by layers of various materials as a bearing surface. This type of pavement cannot bend to the deformations of the lower layers without structural failure.

Some specialists suggest classifying paving according to the type of materials that make it up, and how they are structured, as they consider that this categorization would be more accurate.

For Dream Green Landscape, paving is not only what we see, it is part of the landscape planning, which is a complex process and where we use high quality materials in its preparation to offer a better experience to the user.

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