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Consultation & Diagnosis

Fred inspecting some tree pruning

The secret world of trees is beautiful.  We are just beginning to understand tree communication and how the live as a community.  As a layperson, it can be difficult to understand what they need.   It’s helpful to think of trees as humans.  They need trims like we do.  They need water and nutrients like we do.  They need time to heal and energy, just like we do.  It sounds weird but it’s true.  When you’re new to the tree world, it’s important to have professionals on hand as a valuable resource.

Tree Species Selection

There are specific trees that are common in this part of the country.  They are endemic to the landscape and they thrive here.  Then there are those that were brought here by immigrants or gifted by heads of state.  Some of them grow well in British Columbia, while others are a leech on the eco-system.  It can be tough to determine which species will flourish on your property.  We must take the soil composition and health into account.  What other vegetation grows on your property?  Some are more compatible than others.  Contact Tree Care Kelowna to help you decide which trees are best for your land.

Diagnosing Dead Trees

A tree can be dead for years and you not know it.  Meanwhile, it’s taking up valuable space and can pose a threat to your property.  Dead trees are more likely to fall during severe rain storms, wind and snow.  A dead tree can be swept away easily due to weak roots in the event of a flood.  Intense wind can topple a dead tree over; crushing everything in its path.  When heavy, wet snow falls on its limbs, the tree is less likely to withstand the pressure.  If you suspect that you may have a dead tree on your property, contact us for an exact diagnosis.

Diseased Trees

Trees are very much like humans.  If they don’t receive the proper nutrients and care, they will become ill.  Similar to animals in captivity, trees live shorter lives when removed from their natural environment.  Forest trees take care of each other through an elaborate system of roots.  City trees require much more care.  Black knot fungus, bronze leaf disease, fire blight and Juniper-Hawthorne rust are common tree diseases.  Arborists are trained to diagnose tree diseases and prescribe treatments.  If you believe you may have sick trees on the premises, contact us for an accurate analysis and treatment plan.

Insect Infestation

Improper trimming and pruning, leaves trees vulnerable to insect infestation.  When trees are pruned haphazardly, wounds are created that are not given the opportunity to heal.  We employ the 3 cut method whenever pruning trees.  Open wounds and damaged bark is the perfect home for a variety of insects.  Ash leaf rollers, birch leaf miners, caterpillars and eriophyid mites are insects common in this area.  They will wreak havoc on otherwise gorgeous trees.  Yellow headed spruce sawflies, white pine weevils and spruce spider mites possess the capacity to destroy healthy trees.  Tree Care Kelowna arborists can identify insects and propose a solution to terminate them without harming the tree. Find out much more details about us.

Tree Service

If you ever find yourself in need of a good tree service in Tampa, our partner company at Tampa Tree Service can take care of you. If you aren't in the area, they can refer you to someone local that you can trust.

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