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Expert Tree Removal

Tree faller job done in East Kelowna

At Tree Care Kelowna, we are literally, certified tree huggers.  Removing a tree is usually the last resort.  With that being said, we recognize that there are times when trees pose a danger to society and must be removed for the safety of everyone involved.  When trees grow dangerously near to valuable property, there is always a chance that they could fall during extreme climatic patterns.  We have endured our fair share of winter storms in Kelowna.  Intense rain and wind is a recipe for disaster.  When you are in need of expert tree removal, call us.

Intelligent Forestry Equipment

When it comes to tree care removal, methodology and equipment is extremely important.  In situations where the tree is located within a few feet of valuable property, extra safety precautions are required.  Tree Care Kelowna has invested extensively in intelligent forestry equipment.  Our goal is to remove trees as efficiently and safely as possible.  This equipment possesses the capability to remove trees from the ground with its root system in tact.  If your tree has sentimental value, consider having it replanted in another location.  With the right equipment, we make sure tree removal is safe and affordable.

Protect your Property

While we appreciate trees for the oxygen and shade they provide, there are times when they are located in close proximity to power lines and pose a threat to human safety.  It would be a shame to remove the tree but damage your property in the process.  When trees are located dangerously close to buildings, HVAC systems and utility boxes, the arborist will erect a barrier to protect it from machinery, falling trees and limbs.  For large trees, we may remove the crown first, followed by the trunk and the roots.  Cranes are very useful during this process.

The Hazards of Dead Trees

It can be difficult for laypersons to know when a tree is dead.  Dead trees may still have leaves.  If you have a tree on your property that you suspect is dead, contact us for an in-depth evaluation.  Dead trees have collapsed root systems.  When it rains or floods, the roots will not grip the land like they normally would.  If the weather is severe, they will fall over and damage anything in its vicinity.  Extreme wind can cause trees to fall – dead or alive.  Of course dead trees and saplings are the most most vulnerable.

Contact a Professional

Tree removal is not as simple as it seems.  If you have to climb a ladder to remove a tree, it’s best to call the professionals.  There are plenty of things that can go wrong during the tree removal process.  Expert tree removal will mitigate the mishaps.  Although we live in the age of the DIY mantra, there are times when a professional should do the job.  What may take you an entire weekend will take less than an hour for Tree Care Kelowna arborists.  Most people want to conduct tree removal on their own to save money.  With our low prices, there is no need to deal with the headache by yourself. We also offer tree fertilization service.

If you are ever in Kelowna, make sure to check out our friends at Action Tree Service for your tree removal needs.

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