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Call for Tree Crae in Kelowna BC from 8:00am-8:00pm

Tree Care Kelowna would love to care for your trees.  We’ve studied our entire lives to become experts in tree care.  As certified arborists based in Orchard City, we understand the soil, climate and tree species better than anyone.  We are versed in treating diseases that commonly effect local trees.  Our team has seen and eradicated every type of insect known to infest K-Town trees.  Rest assured, knowing that you can count on us for tree planting, fertilization, consultations and diagnosis.  We also offer expert tree pruning, shaping stump grinding and tree removal.  There are a variety of ways you can reach us.  Contact us via phone, email, Instagram or Facebook.  Shoot us photos of your trees so that we may better understand your query.

When pruning trees, we consider age and seasons.  Older trees take longer to heal and should not be pruned as much.  While younger trees should be pruned early and possess the resources to heal rapidly.  Call us for swift and safe tree stump removal.  Once you see our Hurricane Stump Cutter in action, you’ll wonder why you didn’t contact us sooner.  Most folks appreciate trees for providing shade, lowering utility bills and photosynthesis.  They also help build up soil, soak up storm water and mitigate global warming.  It would be our pleasure to help create a balanced eco-system by planting trees on your property.  Shoot us an email for a complimentary consultation.  A dedicated arborist can guide you on the type of species that would prosper best in your garden.

Contact Tree Care in Kelowna BC for best in Tree Service