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Trimming before we cut it down in South Kelowna British Columbia V1W 4B1

Allow Tree Care Kelowna to prune and shape your trees according to its species and age.  We use the right tools to get the job done.  Our team works swiftly without damaging your trees.  We cut in a way that promotes wound healing.  Save your back and that favor your friend owes you, by enlisting us to remove unsightly tree stumps from your property.  Minimize your legal liability with professional and efficient stump grinding.  We use remote control operated, intelligent, forestry equipment to safely remove stumps from the premises.  If you are concerned with collateral damage, the arborist will erect a barrier to keep your building, home, utility boxes and HVAC system safe.

Contact Tree Care in Kelowna BC for best in Tree Service

    Our Tree Services:

    Tree Removal

    Stump Grinding

    Deep Root Fertilization

    Storm Clean-Up

    Tree Pruning

    Tree Trimming

    Tree Planting

    Tree bracing

    Dangerous Tree Removal

    Give your trees the vitamins they need to thrive in an urban area.  They are without the support of an extensive family that would normally feed them sugar, water and other nutrients via an elaborate root network.  We can analyze the plant, soil and environment to determine the right fertilizer to use.  Tree planting is a great way to minimize your environmental footprint.  Many of our clients use trees as a guaranteed method to lower their energy bills.  Allow a tree expert to sort out the best species for your property and needs.  Tree disease and insect infestation is common.  If left unfettered, it will kill your trees and possibly damage your property.  Contact us for 100% accurate diagnosis and effective treatment.


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