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Tree Trimming & Pruning

Fred inspecting some tree pruning

Trees are the oldest organisms on the planet.  They are living, breathing beings.  One tree possesses the capacity to provide 2 people with all the oxygen they need to survive.  When you consider this fact, it becomes apparent that trees should be treated with care.  Unfortunately, the way we maintenance trees has more to do with human convenience and less to do with balancing the eco-system.  There is a right and wrong way to prune trees.  Technique and timing are important for optimal growth and longevity.  The age of your trees and season are important factors to keep in mind.

Seasonal Pruning

Before we prune your trees, the arborist will consult with you.  It’s important to know why you want to prune your trees.  Is it because they are growing too close to valuable property?  Are they dropping too many fruit?  The outcome will dictate the pruning process.  Spring and fall are generally the worst times of the year to prune.  When trees are using their energy to drop leaves and produce flowers they don’t have enough resources to heal the wounds that pruning causes.  Pruning in the winter will produce abundant growth in the spring.

Maturity Matters

It’s best to begin pruning very early on in a tree’s life.  Trees are very much like humans in this regard.  Pruning young trees is akin to training them for growth and longevity.  The earlier you prune them, the less problems they will experience down the road.  We must be careful when pruning older trees.  They typically don’t have the resources to heal the open wounds created during the pruning process.  Sometimes the wounds don’t heal, which can cause rot and insect infestation, ultimately decreasing its lifespan.  You can think about trees being the oldest members of your family.  The must be treated delicately and with care.

Using the Right Tools

When you know better, you do better.  We have seen folks using all manner of tools to prune trees.  Hacksaws are for lumber, not for living trees.  Pruning saws and hand shears are the best tools for the job.  Trees perform a vital function for the planet and all that exist on it.  They extract carbon dioxide from the air and via photosynthesis convert it into oxygen that we can breathe.  When we cut trees, a wound forms.  It is necessary for bark to grow over the wound for the tree to heal.  Using the improper tools can lessen a tree’s life and cause insect infestations, disease and rot.

Why Pruning is Necessary

Perhaps your hair stylist sends you a little postcard reminding you when it’s time for a trim every 3 months.  Its seems a bit counterintuitive, but the truth is that hair trimming promotes growth and prevents split ends.  If you’ve ever gone a year without a proper trim, you know how scraggly your hair can get.  The same theory can be applied to trees.  We prune them because they can become overgrown and interfere with human life.  But we also prune them for healthy life function.  Vegetation underneath will have more access to valuable sunlight when your trees are properly pruned. We also offer stump grinding service.

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